Thursday, November 11, 2010

Approaching Samos by airplane

Sitting in a charter flight coming from Germany, flying over the south coast of Samos near Pythagorio on a beautiful early morning (7:34 am) in October. View towards the west along the coastline to the village of Ireon, the central southern part of the island and the islet of Samiopoula.
The high mountains of the Kerkis massive are in the background, in the right upper half of the photo, above the winglet of the airplane.

Here are more photos:

7 o'clock in the morning, high above the aegean sea on our way to Samos:

Flying along the northwest coast looking down on the Seitani coast, the massive range of Kerkis mountains and the archipelago of Fourni in the background (7:30 am)

Crossing the island, view again to the west (7:31 am):

After crossing the complete island, flying further southwards over the aegean sea, almost reaching the island of Agathonisi, then turning around and flying northbound, here we are now again over Samos, flying almost directly over Ireon. The high mountain in the background on the upper right side of the photo is Cape Mykale on the turkish coast:

A few seconds away from touching the runway (7:42 am)

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